Evangelist Doug Sehorne Uses Modern Family Image as Book Cover

Modern Family Image Doug Sehorne

Fundamentalist Bible-thumper Doug Sehorne accidentally used a Modern Family image for the cover of his e-book, ‘Bible Principles of Child Discipline.’ It’s a gaffe of biblical proportions!

Doug Sehorne, best known for his anti-homosexuality rants, was unaware that the picture he used for his e-book cover was from the gay-friendly sitcom Modern Family, which features a gay couple, played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet, and their adopted child.

Once someone called him out on it, he got pretty angry and defensive. Sehorne took out his anger on his facebook page, writing:

“FALSELY ACCUSED, I do not even have a TV and have not for 35 years. I have never heard of the TV Show.

“Anyone who knows me, knows I would never condone such wickedness as sodomy or even TV.”

Sehorne Rant

Not sure why TV is wicked, but having a Facebook page and twitter account is not… but I guess logic has never been Doug Sehorne’s forte .

And neither is copyright law apparently. Sehorne found the images of the sitcom family by doing a quick Google search and assumed those images were not copyrighted. Yikes, that’s even more embarrassing than the homosexual family part! But, hey – it could happen to anyone! (who hasn’t watched TV in 35 years and doesn’t understand copyright laws…)

Cover aside, the book looked like a great read (and a steal at 99 cents!). Amazon gives the description, “With many Christian parents losing their children to the world, this book gives fresh Biblical insight on how to discipline children properly and teach them charater [sic].” The book also gives some great advice, such as: “You cannot raise the kids without a paddle!”

Some advice to Doug Sehorne – you cannot market a book without having anyone proofread it.

Via: The Huffington Post

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