Time to Panic: First Ebola Patient in U.S. Identified  

Rick Perry Ebola

The first case of Ebola inside the United States has been discovered in Dallas, Texas.

The patient, a 40 year-old Liberian man visiting the Dallas area named Thomas Eric Duncan, is currently being held in isolation at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. Duncan had direct contact with a woman infected with Ebola in Monrovia, Liberia four days before he left for the U.S. to visit family members.

Duncan is the first person to develop symptoms outside of Africa during the current epidemic that has officially killed more than 3,000 people. But will he be the last? Not if the number of schoolchildren he came in contact with are any indication…

Health officials are closely monitoring more than a dozen people who had close contact with the country’s first Ebola victim – including five schoolchildren and three members of the ambulance crew that took him to the hospital. Officials say they are just taking precautions and none of the people who came into contact with Duncan when he was experiencing active symptoms have shown signs in being infected. Yet…

But Americans have nothing to fear, Texas Governor Rick Perry is on the job! Yes, the man who can’t remember three talking points and believes socialized health care is the root of all evil will be tackling the Ebola crisis head on.

“This case is serious, but rest assured that our system is working as it should,” Rick Perry said. “There are few places in the world better-equipped to meet the challenge this patient poses. The public should have every confidence.”

Although hospital officials did acknowledge that the emergency room staff mistakenly sent Duncan home with antibiotics when he initially sought treatment a week ago even though he told them he had recently arrived from Africa… so maybe the public shouldn’t have every confidence, just some confidence.

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