Fox News Invents a War on Easter

War on Easter

Because the war on Christmas is still 9 months away and Fox News needs to fill the air with something, there is now a war on Easter.

Bill O’Reilly took it upon himself to start the war on Easter rants last week on his show, the O’Reilly Factor. According to O’Reilly, we won the war on Christmas (really?) and now we must protect Judeo-Christian traditions by winning the war on Easter.

O’Reilly was angry about the decision of five public school districts to rename Easter eggs and bunnies spring eggs and spring bunnies.

Why is this war on Easter happening?

Because “secular progressives are running wild with President Obama in the White House. They feel unchained, liberated, and they are trying to diminish any form of religion.”

In a weird twist, O’Reilly also insinuates that if we don’t stop the war on Easter, women will be running around having abortions for any reason at any time. Just like they do in Canada. Ummm… I’m pretty sure that’s not true… but that’s a whole other issue.

The Easter issue also outraged the hosts of Fox and Friends after the principal of one Alabama elementary school instructed teachers not to have events linked to Christianity because one classroom could represent as many as six different religions.

Principal Lydia Davenport says “Kids love the bunny and we just make sure we don’t say ‘the Easter bunny’ so that we don’t infringe on the rights of others because people relate the Easter bunny to religion; a bunny is a bunny and a rabbit is a rabbit.”

The Fox news hosts argued that schools should be able to have the Easter Bunny and Easter eggs because it doesn’t have anything really to do with Easter.

“This is how it becomes so ridiculous,” Host Gretchen Carlson said, “Let’s just call it Easter and move on. Next week, you don’t have to worry about it.”

Yes, next week the war of Easter will be over. Until Fox needs something to talk about next year.

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