Fox News Uses Footage of Random Sad Asians Instead of South Korean Mourners

Fox News Random Sad Asians Footage

Instead of using footage of actual Korean mourners when reporting on the South Korean ferry tragedy, Fox News mistakenly used some other footage they had on file of what appeared to be a bunch of random sad Asians.

With the ferry death toll standing at 248, you’d think there would abundance of footage of grieving South Korean families, but Fox News, assuming that once you’ve seen one sad Asian, you’ve seen them all, opted for a clip of some seemingly random Asians crying, ignoring the actual footage of grieving families who lost loved ones in the sinking of the Sewol ferry.

The only problem? The mourners they showed weren’t even Korean. The Fox footage turned out to be Tibetans mourning following the recent avalanche at Mt. Everest. Classic mistake!

“You show that to any sort of Korean immigrant who lives in the United States, and they’ll say those aren’t Koreans,” said Rick Phillips of the Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles.

Fox News, surprised that its viewers could actually tell the difference between Asian variations, admitted its screw-up.

“The wrong video was mistakenly pulled from the international feed. We regret this error and have corrected the footage online and will address it on air, as well,” says David Clark, Fox News’s executive producer for weekend news and programming.

But in their defense, Fox isn’t the only news outlet to screw up their video footage.

A Danish news station once showed an image from the video game Assassin’s Creed, apparently mistaking it for the Damascus skyline. And on another occasion, the BBC tried to report on the UN Security Council, but ended up showing the logo from the United Nations Space Command in Microsoft’s Halo. Oops.

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