French First Lady Hospitalized Amid Rumours of a Steamy Affair

French Affair

Valérie Trierweiler, the girlfriend of French President François Hollande, has been hospitalized following reports of an affair between Hollande and the actress Julie Gayet. Scandal!

Last week Francois Hollande, who is apparently continuing the long standing tradition in French politics of being a sleazy French womanizer, threatened to sue the magazine Closer which revealed the affair. The gossip magazine published incriminating photographs which appeared to show Hollande and his alleged mistress arriving separately at a flat near the presidential Elysée Palace for secret rendezvous. Interestingly, Hollande did not deny the magazine’s report but simply protested the invasion of his privacy.

Valérie Trierweiler was so shaken by the news, she clutched her pearls, screamed “Mon dieu!” and was promptly taken to the hospital. How dare actress Julie Gayet take her spot as the younger women who breaks up President Hollande’s relationships! That was her role after Hollande left his previous partner, fellow Socialist politician Segolene Royal, to be with her.

After Trierweiler was admitted to the hospital on Friday, the doctors prescribed the 48-year-old journalist, who lives with Hollande, lots of rest and possibly a new boyfriend. She had been expected to leave hospital on Monday, but her aides said doctors had told her she needed even more rest.

“The doctors will determine when she can be dismissed from hospital. She needs to recover from the shock she has suffered,” one of Trierweiler’s aides said.

But in Hollande’s defense, maybe he was just playing the part expected of him. After all, one of the requirements for French leadership (I assume…) is having a mistress. And considering the current opinion polls show he is already one of the most unpopular French presidents ever, he probably thought the news of an affair couldn’t really hurt anything – except Trierweiler’s mental health.

Via: BBC News

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