George Bush is the Most Expensive Ex-President

George Bush Phone

The U.S federal government spends about $3.7 million on its former presidents each year and George Bush makes sure he gets his share (and then some).

Former president George W. Bush cost the government $1.3 million in 2012, which included a $200,000 pension, compensation and benefits for office staff, and other costs like travel, office space and postage. Bush, pictured above trying to figure out how a phone works, spent $400,000 for 8,000 square feet of office space and $85,000 in telephone costs. What is he doing – calling sex hotlines? Or does he really not know how to use a phone?

Bill Clinton came in second place at just under $1 million. He probably is calling sex hotlines… George Bush the elder follows with $850,000 and Jimmy Carter trails behind with only $500,000 worth of expenses (probably because he lives in a Habitat for Humanity house).

At the very least, this should shut “some Republicans” up about Obama’s “extravagant” lifestyle with his non-existent dog walker and movie projectionists. But if the federal government ever wants to cut down on their expenses they should just send George Bush off on a hunting trip with Dick Cheney. Problem solved.

Via: Politico

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  1. Chris Cecil
    June 15, 2015 at 10:53 pm #

    I’m pretty weary of those who constantly criticize George Bush. More lies have been told about the Bush presidency than any other administration in U.S. history. The fact remains that Bush is an honorable man who remained a gentleman even in the face of Nancy Pelosi’s scorched earth policy, which was to criticize, deny, or lie about everything George Bush said or did, right or wrong, good or bad. That was the Democrat strategy against him and it worked. The only problem is that it created an atmosphere and habit of pathological lying and deception on behalf of the Democrat Party from which they have not recovered, and probably never will.

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