George W. Gets a Library… And Other News

George W. Tribute

Everyone gathered around today to pay tribute to George W. Bush in Dallas at the dedication of a museum, policy institute and library built in his name: the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

And by everyone, I mean the 5 living presidents, their spouses, a collection of current and former foreign leaders and lawmakers, hundreds of former Bush administration officials and thousands of his admirers. It was an emotional day for George W., who choked up as he finished his speech. Bill Clinton, however, took things in a different direction and addressed the thing that’s been on everyone’s mind: George W.’s new painting career: 

“Your mother showed me some of your landscapes and animal paintings and I thought they were great. I seriously considered calling you to paint my own portrait, until I saw the emails that were stolen from your sister’s account,” Clinton said. “Those bathroom sketches were wonderful. But at my age, I think I need to keep my suit on.”

They are nice paintings though:

George W. Bush Paintings

New York Times

Bombers in NYCNext stop: New York City! That’s what he Boston Marathon bombers were thinking until they got shot/captured. Mayor Bloomberg announced today that the suspects planned to drive to New York City and detonate the rest of their bomb stockpile in Times Square. As much as I hate Times Square, that’s not a very nice thing to do. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the remaining suspect who is currently in the hospital, provided the new information. Unfortunately, following 16 hours of interrogation, Tsarnaev stopped cooperating with officials after being read his legal rights to remain silent and have a lawyer. Did he not know that before? Has he never seen Law & Order?? So many questions… NBC News

Marco RubioWell that’s a bit of an overreaction Sen. Marco Rubio, the GOP’s solution to immigration reform, said that he was “open” to considering the idea of halting all student visas from Muslim countries as a reaction to this month’s Boston Marathon bombings. When asked how the terrorist attack may affect immigration reform, Rubio said ,“We need to be open to changes that provide more security. I don’t like profiling anybody or singling or generally leading, on the other hand student visas are something this country does because it’s in our national interest but you don’t have a right to a student visa. I’m not prepared to take a firm position on restriction. I want to learn about what might have worked to prevent past attacks.” Note: the Boston bombing suspects did not come to the States on student visas. But I guess they could have…? Raw Story 

Jaser-court-room-sketchCome to think of it, Rubio might be on to something… News got out today that Canadian immigration authorities tried to deport the Toronto VIA Rail terror suspect nine years ago but were unable to because, as a stateless Palestinian, he could not be sent to any other country. Instead, officials were forced to set him free two days after he was arrested on an outstanding immigration warrant. That’s quite the loophole. National Post

man-cat-gunF*ck Nelson, Georgia! Craig, Colorado has totally one-upped those losers. The Colorado town is looking into a proposal that would require that every home have at least one gun – but not just any type of gun like those Nelson wimps – but an assault-style rifle / AK-47. Craig resident Craig Rummel (was the town named after him? It should be!) asked City Council members to consider passing the ordinance which would apply to all households within Craig city limits. Now, obviously Rummel is not insane – he has requested exemptions for those not physically or mentally capable of operating a firearm. While most council members agreed with Rummel’s message, some were unsure about whether to implement it. In the end, Craig Mayor Terry Carwile said they’d think about it. Craig Daily Press

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