German Police Hunt Flamingo Killer

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German police are racing to catch a killer responsible for the death of 15 flamingos at the Frankfurt Zoo, where some of the creatures were beheaded as they slept.

The flamingo killer(s) struck twice over the course of two nights. Zoo workers found nine of the pink birds’ mutilated bodies on Friday and six more on Saturday – even after security was beefed up following the first attack. Some of the birds appeared to be stabbed to death while others had their heads cut or torn off. Unfortunately (for the birds), flamingos don’t normally cry out when they’re being assaulted, so the guards weren’t alerted to the attacks.

The zoo director announced on Monday that autopsies were underway to figure out how the Chilean flamingos, which were each worth around $1500, were killed. The birds appeared to have animal bite marks on them, most likely from a fox – a very sly fox. But the bite marks could have been made post-mortem, so the zoo is not ruling out a human killer at this point – especially since it’s unlikely that a knife-wielding fox caused the stab wounds found on some of the birds.

In 2007, three flamingos at the same zoo died in a similar manner. The seven-year-old case, in which three of the birds’ heads had been torn from their bodies and a fourth bird was strangled, is still unresolved. So what we’re looking at here is a serial flamingo killer: The Flamingo Fumigator?

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