Glenn Beck Knows a Saudi Link When He Sees One

Glenn Beck and the Saudi Link

A terrorist attack just isn’t a terrorist attack if there isn’t a Saudi link. Or at least according to America-loving conspiracy theorist Glenn Beck.

After stringing America along with his promise to reveal what the US government was covering up about the Boston Marathon bombings, Glenn Beck made his “Big Monday Reveal”, showing a letter signed by four congressmen requesting more information about a Saudi “person of interest.” That’s his evidence of a coverup? This was the worst reveal since Donald Trump’s “Big Obama Reveal”, which just turned out to be his half-witted attempt to try and get his hands on the President’s college records.

Anyways, Glenn Beck is a bigger fan of conspiracy theories than he is of Libertyville or whatever his fantasy nostalgia American dream town is called. So it was no surprise last week when Beck insisted that the US government was investigating a Saudi man in relation to the bombing, despite the fact that the Department of Homeland Security had already cleared the innocent man. But Glenn Beck wasn’t convinced: there must ALWAYS be a Saudi link!

Therefore, the only logical conclusion is that there must be some kind of US government coverup of this mysterious Saudi national. Beck suggested that the Saudi man is an al Qaeda operative who recruited the Tsarnaev brothers to carry out the Boston bombing and the US government for “reasons unknown” is trying to cover it up.

Apparently Beck has at least four listeners out there –  four Republican Congressmen—Michael McCaul, Jeff Duncan, Peter King, and Candice Miller— have written to the Department of Homeland Security asking for further information about this “original person of interest.”

Need even more proof of a Saudi link? Glenn Beck has you covered: “No American citizen blows up random people; that’s a Middle Eastern scene, that’s not an American scene.”

Minus Timothy McVeigh, Ted Kaczynski and a long list of others…

Via: Right Wing Watch

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