Happy 10-Year War-iversary Iraq!

War-iversary Baghdad Bomb

Today marks the 10-year war-iversary of the US-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein and to celebrate that special occasion, Baghdad has been hit by a series of deadly blasts. So much for a nice card and some flowers.

A series of car and suicide bombings in Baghdad and its surrounding area have killed more than 50 people and injured 200. The coordinated attacks were mainly in Shia areas and targeted markets, restaurants, bus stops, and workers during morning rush hour.

A car bomb exploded in a busy Baghdad market, while another three detonated in the Shiite district of Sadr City and another near the heavily guarded Green Zone. A suicide bomber in a truck attacked a police base in a Shiite town south of the capital.

“I was driving my taxi and suddenly I felt my car rocked. Smoke was all around. I saw two bodies on the ground. People were running and shouting everywhere,” said a taxi driver caught in the middle of the blasts in Baghdad’s Sadr City.

No group has come forward claiming credit for the war-iversary gift but given that Iraq’s wing of al Qaeda has been upping their attacks against Shiite targets in an attempt to weaken the Shia-led government, I think it’s pretty safe to pin it on them.

Today is believed to have been the deadliest day in Iraq since September, when 76 people were killed in a series of attacks. But who knows? Al Qaeda’s local wing may have more war-iversary surprises in store for Iraq. After all, 10 years is a big deal.

Via: Reuters

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