Looking Good! Hassan Rouhani Shows Off His Moderate Side

Hassan Rouhani

Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani, and President Obama are on the fast track to becoming lifelong pals. Or at least diplomatic acquaintances…

First, it was revealed that the two are pen pals. Despite their two countries having no diplomatic ties for the last 34 years (see: Argo), the two leaders have been in direct communication through the written letter. Obama even sent Hassan Rouhani a nice congratulatory note after his election victory. Rouhani appreciated the note and said that since then he and Obama have exchanged  “positive and constructive” letters. Ahhh, pen pals.

Second, Iran decided to randomly release 11 prominent political prisoners, including noted human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh, on the eve of a visit by Rouhani to the United States. Talk about a diplomatic charm offensive! Swoooon.

And now Rouhani went on US television to reassure Americans that Iran will never build any nukes.

Under no circumstances would we seek any weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons, nor will we ever,” Rouhani said in an interview with NBC.

“We have never pursued or sought a nuclear bomb and we are not going to do so. We are solely seeking peaceful nuclear technology.”

Hassan Rouhani seems pretty hellbent on coming across as a more moderate president – although compared to the last president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Hitler would seem pretty moderate. At least he acknowledged the Holocaust…

Anyways, it’s great that Rouhani is trying to repair diplomatic relations with the West. Now if only Iran would re-think its position on launching cats into space… Maybe Obama can mention that in the next letter.

Via: The Guardian

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