High Homeless Man Wins $1.9 Lawsuit

High Homeless Man

A foolproof guide on how to go from high homeless man to high millionaire:

  • Step 1: Do meth
  • Step 2: Wander onto subway tracks
  • Step 3: Profit

In 2006 Robert Obey, 59, who was high on drugs and had a history of mental illness, stumbled onto the tracks at the 33rd Street Station. As is typically the case when a high homeless man hangs out on subway tracks, the train hit him. Although Obey survived, the train severed his left foot.  

Obey, who had a history of playing in the subway tracks, had just left a methadone clinic hours before the accident and, according to his lawyer, “could not remember how he wound up on the tracks.” Yeah, meth will do that to you.

Fast forward to present day and a Manhattan jury has awarded him $1.9 million in damages. I wonder how much meth $1.9 million can buy?

Obey’s lawyer claimed it didn’t matter that his client was a drug addict with a subway track fetish, the only thing that mattered was that the train’s operator waited until pulling into the next station before reporting the accident. The jury agreed, finding the New York City Transit Authority 40% at fault for the incident. A minute delay in reporting may not bring back the severed foot, but it does bring in $1.9 million.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority says it will appeal the decision and for once, people are siding with public transit.

Moral of the story: abusing drugs pays off.

Via: NY Daily News

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