Hillary & Joe: The Poorest 2016 Presidential Contenders Yet

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Not to be outdone by Hillary Clinton’s statement that she and Bill left the White House “dead broke” and “struggled” to pay mortgages on two multi-million-dollar houses, Joe Biden announced he’s so poor he doesn’t even have a savings account.

Last week Hillary caused a seizure over at Fox News when she commented that she and Bill Clinton were “dead broke” after leaving the White House. While it’s true that the Clintons were in debt when they left the White House ( mostly because of legal bills), since leaving they’ve more than $100 million thanks to speeches and book deals.

Republicans quickly pounced on the remarks, claiming Hillary doesn’t understand the working man’s struggle.

“I think she’s been out of touch with average people for a long time,” said Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus. “Whether she was flat broke or not is not the issue. It’s tone deaf to average people.”

Not wanting to be labeled the next Mitt Romney, Hillary quickly backpedaled on her comments.

“Let me just clarify that I fully appreciate how hard life is for so many Americans today,” she said in a Tuesday interview with Good Morning America. “It’s an issue that I’ve worked on and cared about my entire adult life. Bill and I were obviously blessed, we worked hard for everything we got in our lives and we have continued to work hard.”

But no one works harder than Joe Biden at appearing like the Avergage Joe. Trying to strike up a folksy connection to his audience at the White House Working Families Summit, Vice President Joe Biden reminded people that even though he’s wearing a “mildy expensive suit” now, he used to be the poorest member in Congress.

“Don’t hold it against me that I don’t own a single stock or bond,” Biden said. “I have no savings account but I got a great pension and I got a good salary. For real.”

For real? Well, not really. Biden’s financial disclosure for the year 2013, which was filed last month, shows that he has both a savings account and 11 different investment funds. Still, the vice president’s not “Hillary Clinton rich”. His reported net worth of less than $800,000 is far less than many of his colleagues in Congress and he was the poorest senator when he joined the Obama ticket in 2008. Lesson learned: You can’t out-everyman Joe Biden!

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