French President Francois Hollande’s Steamy Affair Boosts His Popularity

Steamy Affair France

In some countries, lowering taxes and not being a Muslim from Kenya gets you the support of the people; in France, not so much. Screw the economy; a steamy affair is what wins over the nation.

According to a new poll conducted post scandal, French President Francois Hollande’s popularity has risen in the steamy affair aftermath. The Socialist president’s approval rating jumped 2 points to 26 percent, after the gossip magazine Closer reported that he’s having a steamy affair with French actress Julie Gayet. 26 percent is a slight improvement from his record low of 15 percent in a November poll, which officially made him the most unpopular president in modern French history. Even with his rising rating, the president still remains shockingly unpopular. But if an affair can boost his approval ratings by 2 points, then he needs to visit a whore house ASAP.

A separate Ifop poll showed that 77 percent of the French population consider the affair a private matter. Unfortunately, for Hollande’s partner Valérie Trierweiler, who was admitted to the hospital upon hearing the news, 100% of the French media consider the affair a very public and very newsworthy matter.

Not surprisingly, President Hollande sides with the 77 percent. At a news conference on Tuesday, Hollande said he was experiencing a “difficult moment” in his private life and refused to answer questions about the allegations, saying “private matters should be dealt with privately”. Actress Julie Gayet, 41, has yet to make any public announcement regarding the alleged affair and Valérie Trierweiler is currently being treated for “shock” so she’s in no condition to shed any light on the matter either.

Via: TIME 

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