Hot New Trend Alert: Funeral Selfies

Funeral Selfies

There’s a hot new trend among Instagram and Facebook loving teenagers (aka all non-goth teenagers) and it’s called funeral selfies!

A new Tumblr blog, aptly called “Selfies at Funerals,” has compiled a solid collection of screenshots of teenagers snapping pictures of themselves at funerals. Nothing says “I’ll miss you Grandpa” like making a duckface and sporting some pre-teen cleavage!

Funeral Selfie 2

And, yes, you are going to hell.

Some twitter obsessed teens even go the extra mile and include the casket:

Funeral Selfie 1

“Sorry Grandma, but I’m in desperate need of more likes!”

Funeral selfies have become so popular that they now have their own hashtag: #funeralselfie. Clever. But the new trend also gives us a chance to reflect on the growing narcissism of teenage culture and the ever expanding influence of technology. Is it inappropriate to post pictures of yourself at funerals for all your cyber friends to see? Or is it just their generation’s way of dealing with a solemn moment and documenting their grief? Or is it simply a good opportunity to show off your legs?

Screenshot 2013-11-04 03.07.32

Via: Selfies at Funerals & Teenage funeral goers

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