I think I know why the Pope resigned…


Days after Kim Kardashian posed with Christ the Redeemer (coincidence?), the Pope announced he’s quitting his job, promising a new pope by Easter.

This marks the first time a pope has abandoned his post since Pope Gregory XII forfeited the job in 1415. The 85-year-old pope announced his resignation in Latin during a meeting of Vatican cardinals on Monday morning – a decision that was the result of his ailing health. In a statement, Pope Benedict said that medical problems had created an “incapacity to adequately fulfill the ministry entrusted to me.”

Benedict’s brief (is 8 years considered brief?) tenure was characterized by conflict and controversy. Within the church, he has refused a larger role to women and been unbending in his rejection of same-sex unions, abortion and contraception. And then there’s the whole child rape thing…. The massive sexual abuse scandal and cover-up in Ireland (among other places…) resulted in a loss of trust in the Vatican as well as a drop in church attendance. Other pope bloopers (poopers?) include offending Muslims, lifting excommunication orders on Holocaust deniers, and condemning the entire capitalist system.

But the Pope Benedict era was also ripe with modernization. Pope Benedict became the first pope to have his own twitter account and… well I guess that was the only act of modernization.  And Kim Kardashian still has over ten times the number of followers. But both have had sex scandals and like to quit things after short periods of time… so they both win?

The more important question on everyone’s some people’s minds is “Who’s the new pope?” The frontrunners include:

A Canadian Pope! A Latin American Pope! An American Pope! An Italian Pope!

new pope

The Vatican today said it wants to elect a new pope by Easter, but the identity of the 266th pope won’t be revealed until the white smoke wafts over St. Peter’s Square.

Spoiler alert: it will be an old, conservative Catholic man.

Via: The National Post

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