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What Reagan Missed: Other News of the Day

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You can literally chew the air in Beijing. Just don’t spit it back out on the street – that’s gross.  New York Times

NRA Chief fights to stop the ‘nightmare’ of background checks. You know what else is a nightmare? Getting shot in the face. NPR 

In related news, more shootings happen in the US. Chicago Tribune

Where are you on the global fat scale? Apparently I’m most like something from Ethiopia. That doesn’t sound good… BBC 

Hagel-bashing becomes Republicans’ newest hobby. CNN

Killer tornadoes hit the US while Canada enjoys unseasonably warm weather. USA Today

The Daily Beast says not to panic over the GDP drop. It’s time to PANIC! Daily Beast

Sam (aka Eyebrow Cat) is the new Grumpy Cat (but less grumpy and more surprised…) Buzzfeed

RIM introduces the BlackBerry 10. Not buying it. National Post

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