Move Over Missouri, Indiana Is The New Meth Capital of America

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Congratulations Missouri! You’re no longer the nation’s meth capital! Missouri’s decade long distinction of being the state with the most methamphetamine busts has come to an end.

Indiana has outranked Missouri and is now the new meth capital of America with more than 1,700 methamphetamine seizures in 2013.

Meth IncidentsIn fact Missouri’s not even in second place anymore. The Show Me state dropped to No. 3, behind both Indiana and Tennessee. In Missouri, methamphetamine busts plummeted 25 percent from 2012 to 2013. But this doesn’t necessarily mean Missouri’s love affair with meth is over. The drop in drug busts could be due to changes in enforcement, new laws and more potent meth being imported from Mexico.

“It should not be any indication that the war on meth is dwindling,” said Cpl. Chris Hoffman, who leads the Jefferson County Municipal Enforcement Group, a drug task force.

Meanwhile, over in Indiana, state police say they are not surprised by the numbers.

“They’re making more meth and more often,” said 1st Sgt. Niki Crawford, Commander of ISP’s Meth Suppression Section.

And the police are catching more and more of them.

But Ralph Weisheit, a professor of criminal justice/resident meth expert at Illinois State University says that despite the increase in drug busts, the core of the problem still remains: addicts need meth and will do anything to get their scabby little hands on it.

“How do you tell people to stop using something that makes them feel really good?” said Weisheit. “That’s the real challenge.”

Well, they could start by showing them a series of before and after photos. Why not start with this one?

Meth is a hell of a drug

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