Indonesian Men Up a Tree Without a Paddle (Or Tiger Repellant)

Tigers Send Men Up a Tree

Five Indonesian men were rescued after spending 5 days trapped up a tree to avoid being mauled to death by Sumatran tigers.

After entering the Mount Leuser National Park in the north of Sumatra island on Tuesday in a search for rare incense wood, the men “accidentally killed” a tiger cub when it wandered into a trap they had set for deer. Needless to say, things didn’t turn out like Life of Pi. No, instead the tigers mauled one of the men to death and the other five ran up a tree.

The trapped men alerted nearby villagers using mobile phones. Sadly, none of them managed to tweet a picture of the large Sumatran tigers, who were circling the base of the tree. Even sadder, none of them had Eye of the Tiger as their ringtone to get them through the situation.

Villagers attempted to rescue them but had to retreat once they saw the size of the tigers. So they called in some back-up  and five days later the back-up arrived. The park covers nearly 7,930 sq km so it took them a while to get there… Police and rescuers moved in after tiger tamers managed to drive away the tigers and the men were escorted to the nearest village to recover from the ordeal.

In fairness to the tigers, the Indonesians started it. AND, Sumatran tigers are a critically endangered species with only about 350 remaining in the wild due to forest destruction and poaching. Indonesians, on the other hand, are a dime a dozen. Surely they could have spared more than one in exchange for the death of a cute little tiger cub.

Via: BBC News

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