Is Theresa Spence, dare I say, an Indian Giver?

theresa spence

Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence has yet again pulled out of a meeting that she herself arranged.

Spence began by harassing Prime Minister Harper to meet with her to discuss treaty issues and the declining state of Attawapiskat by staging a pseudo hunger strike (does tea, fish broth and vitamins count as a hunger strike?). After Harper caved (too quickly…), Spence then refused to attend unless Governor General David Johnston was present. Although Johnston agreed to hold a ceremonial meeting following the working meeting with the prime minister and government officials, Spence is now demanding Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty be at the meeting.

Who’s next? The Queen?

Theresa Spence may be the worst spokesperson for First Nations’ issues. After a detailed look into her life, which revealed rampant fiscal mismanagement and cronyism, public opinion is quickly turning sour on an issue that has never had much support to begin with. While there are important issues to discuss, Theresa Spence is making a mockery of the whole ordeal and turning Canadians against both her and the movement.

Instead of stubbornly boycotting a meeting with the people that have the power to institute change, Theresa Spence should show up, lay out her case, accept that she won’t get everything she wants and show some real leadership for a change. For someone who is a strong supporter of the Idle No More movement, Theresa Spence certainly enjoys idling.

Via: The National Post

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