Jamaican Bobsled Team Headed to Sochi… Pending Funding

Jamaican Bobsled Team

Feel da riddum! Feel da rhyme! Get on up it’s bobsledding time! Jamaica’s two-man bobsled team has qualified for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, but they’ve run into a few funding issues.

Hopes for a Cool Runnings sequel rose after Winston Watts and Marvin Dixon, the two-man Jamaican bobsled team, qualified for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi.

Overjoyed, the Jamaican Olympic Committee tweeted the celebratory news on Saturday:

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But despite the celebratory mood, the Jamaican bobsled team still has one hurdle to face (other than being a Jamaican bobsled team): money. Sled driver Winston Watts said he is going to try raise $80,000 to cover the expenses of getting to Sochi. Watts was already forced to cut his four-man team in half due to budgetary restrictions

“In truth, we still don’t really know at the moment if we’d even have enough funds or sponsorship to fly to Sochi itself for the Games itself. It all depends. Our families need to be taken care of first. If there’s no funding, who knows?”

“But, I’m one of life’s optimists. I put my heart on the line for this. Any British companies out there interested in sponsorin’ us? Hopefully, the Jamaican Olympic Association will step in and support us now we’ve qualified.” Watts said.

Hopefully. But if they don’t I think there’s a movie out there that could help the team with some fundraising ideas. I believe it’s called Cool Runnings and it’s about some kind of Jamaican bobsled team raising enough money to get themselves to the Olympics…

For example, fundraising initiatives could include a kissing booth:

Or perhaps a catchy tune:

But the real question is, will they be able to make it without John Candy this time?

UPDATE: A group of enthusiastic Jamaican bobsled supporters have raised more than $25,000 in the internet currency Dogecoin – which I assume is Bitcoin’s little, slightly less legitimate brother.

Dogecoin Bobsled

Via: The Guardian

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  1. WhittyMcGee
    January 20, 2014 at 12:53 pm #

    What if they went to the airport to raise money from tourists? They could get $80K in no time!

  2. WhittyMcGee
    January 20, 2014 at 12:59 pm #

    By the way if they raised $25K already in a few days they’ll get to the $80K in no time I bet.

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