Kenya Is All About Extra-Marital Affairs, But Not So Much About Condoms

Extra-marital Affair Ad

A TV advertisement promoting the use of condoms in extra-marital affairs in Kenya and been pulled following outcry from religious leaders.

Just like South Africa has its sugar-daddy/AIDS problem, Kenya has a problem with extra-marital affair/AIDS problem. And what better way to solve the problem than with a public service announcement.

The advertisement, “Weka Condom Mpangoni,” sponsored by Kenya’s Ministry of Public Health, USAID and UKAID, shows a woman speaking to a friend about her marriage and confiding she is having cheating on her husband. Her friend tells her to practice safe sex, saying “protect your family, don’t forget to put on a condom,” and discusses the possibility of spreading HIV.

The commercial was launched because up to 30 percent of married couples in Kenya had other partners, and around 1.6 million people out of Kenya’s 41.6 million population are living with HIV.

But religious leaders are not buying it. They say the ad promotes infidelity, not safe sex and protection against HIV.

Bishop Julius Kalu of the Anglican Church of Kenya, says the ad, which was shown on free-to-air TV stations, “openly propagates immorality, especially when all family members are gathered before television sets, waiting to watch news.”

I don’t know, Bishop Kalu… if 30 percent of married couples are already cheating, I don’t think a public service announcement is going to make much of a difference at this point.

Via: BBC News

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