Kim Jong-Un is Kim Jong-Done with American-led UN sanctions

Kim Jong-un

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un (aka America’s sexiest man alive), has vowed “substantial and high-profile” retaliation against the new United States-led United Nations sanctions on his country.

Kim Jong-un appeared to be asserting his leadership by calling a meeting of top security and foreign affairs officials to discuss retaliation measures and give “specific tasks” to various officials. Although North Korea did not specify exactly what those measures might be, references to earlier statements in which the country declared its goal to launch more long-range rockets and conduct a third nuclear test in order to target the United States. Sounds suspicious…

A quick look at the tubby Asian makes it hard to take him seriously, but I suppose Kim Jong-un does have quite a few Kim Jong-guns. In fact, that’s what led to the sanctions in the first place. North Korea’s successful December 12 rocket launch is what prompted the UN to tighten sanctions against the country last week. The UN Security Council determined that the launching was a cover for testing intercontinental ballistic missile technology and a violation of its earlier resolutions banning North Korea from conducting such tests.

Of course Kim Jong-un (I’ve run out of Kim Jong-puns, oh wait there it is…) did not the news very well, rejecting the new resolutions much like he rejected the old ones. North Korea’s main party newspaper announced that the sanctions have left the country with no other option but a nuclear test. Apparently,

“A nuclear test is what the people demand”.

Well, they would probably demand an end to the crippling poverty and isolation that plagues their country if they were allowed to voice their opinions and weren’t inundated daily with propaganda, but close enough.

Via: The New York Times

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