12 Hour Knitting Marathon Becomes Norwegian TV Sensation

Norwegian Knitting

Over one million Norwegians (so… all Norwegians?) tuned into a Friday night knitting marathon show: National Knitting Evening. You know you live in a dull country when…

On Friday night, about 1.3 million people watched four hours of knitting discussion, followed by 8.5 hours of “long, quiet sequences of knitting and spinning.”

“We’ll dive deep into the world of knitting, then from midnight, we’ll turn down the pace, if that’s even possible,” Rune Moeklebust, a producer for public television NRK, said.

“We’ll watch the arm of a sweater get longer and longer; it will be fascinating…but pretty strange TV.”

The 12 hour live marathon, which aired on November 1, aimed to set a world record for making a sweater, from sheep shearing to final stitch.  Sadly, the knitting Norwegians did not break the world sweater record – but they did set a viewing milestone for broadcaster NRK.  The real-time knitting extravaganza beat out their super popular 12-hour show on burning wood, which aired in February, by 300,000 viewers.

“You can argue that the national knitting night is the feminine response to the firewood show,” Sidsel Mundal, a spokeswoman for NRK, said.

As terrible as Norway’s Slow TV programming is, it’s probably a lot better than a lot of the crap we have in North America. I mean, I can’t really judge a real-time knitting show when I’m sitting here watching reruns of Honey Boo Boo… Although Mama June’s forklift foot is kind of similar to watching fire logs burn – both have fat cylindrical shapes and are crawling with bugs that need to be burned off.

Via: ABC News

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