The Knockout Game: Super Fun Game or Random Acts of Violence?

Knockout Game

Can’t it be both? A new trend, known as the knockout game, is quickly spreading across the United States.

The knockout game, in which strangers, often teenagers, sucker punch random people on the street in an attempt to knock them out. While this may seem like a harmless game whereby innocent people are knocked unconscious while being filmed, cases are piling up and police are beginning to wonder what the f*ck is wrong with teenagers. 

“It appears these are just random acts of violence,” said former FBI profiler Clint Van Zandt. “There’s no robbery, there’s no rhyme or reason; it’s just simply youths making a decision they’re going to punch somebody out — sometimes as simple as $5 bet between themselves.”

Authorities have reported knockout game incidents in New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Diego, Pittsburgh…. basically every city in the US.

In one case, a man arrested for playing the knockout game in New York City has been charged with a hate crime. Police suspect the victim was targeted because he’s Jewish. But it’s also quite possible that he was a random choice. I mean, if you’re going around New York City punching people, sooner or later (more likely sooner) you’re going to hit a Jew.

Other knockout game cases even involve elderly victims and children. I’m not sure what kind of teenager gets a rush from sucker punching an 80-year-old woman, but obviously one who needs an emergency session with their high school guidance counselor – or probation officer.

Police across the U.S are investigating a number of these types of assaults and are hoping it doesn’t become a wider trend – especially considering the media hype surrounding it (oops). But eventually one of these knockout game teens will head down to Florida or Texas, run into someone carrying a gun, the tables will quickly turn, and that will be the end of the knockout game.

Via: Today

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