It’s Ladies’ Night And Justin Trudeau Has Some Mansplaining To Do

Justin Trudeau

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has come under fire for Thursday night’s political fundraiser: Justin Unplugged.

Justin Trudeau, the star attraction of the $250-a-ticket “Ladies’ Night” event, is being accused of “mansplaining” –a term used to describe a man condescendingly explaining something to a female, presuming that she has an inferior understanding of it because she is a woman.

The event poster features Warhol-inspired pictures of Justin with captions including: “What is the biggest issue facing women?”, “What’s your favourite virtue?” and “Who are your real life heroes?”. The event promises to give ticket buyers a chance to really get to know the future prime minister” – with cocktails!  The poster encourages ladies to think about what they would ask Justin, with a suggested hashtag: #askjustin. Yes, I’m sure after a few cocktails, the first thing I would ask Justin Trudeau is what his favourite virtue is – not whether or not he thinks having a famous last name justifies a total lack of inexperience.

But I don’t need to rant against a patronizing ad that assumes women just want to giggle over a cute celebrity-politician – because Twitter has already done it for me.

“The only thing missing from this creepy, patronizing and unbelievably ridiculous picture are scented pages and locks of Trudeau’s hair as door prizes,” columnist Kathyrn Marshall wrote on her blog.

“In asking someone to attend a political fundraiser show some respect – $250 is a serious investment. Don’t talk down to me. ‪#Marketingfail,” Transport Minister Lisa Raitt tweeted.

“What’s the biggest issue facing women? This kind of crap,” Michelle Rempel, Minister of State for Western Economic Diversification added.

And more importantly, Justin Trudeau totally ripped off the promo for Rob Ford’s Cocktails & Crackheads night. What a jerk! Mayor Ford worked really hard putting that together put it together during one of his drunken stupors and forgot all about it.

Rob Ford Night

Via: The National Post

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