You Can Take Away Le Pen’s Immunity but Never Her Racism! And Other News

Marine Le Pen

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen was stripped of her European Parliament immunity Tuesday, paving the way for her prosecution in France. 

Marine Le Pen, the leader of the National Front (FN), is accused of incitement to hatred and discrimination. French prosecutors opened a case against Le Pen back in 2011 over comments she made comparing Muslim street prayers to the Nazi occupation of France. Le Pen is sticking to her comparison though!

“I’m going to defend myself before the court and I’m absolutely convinced that the court will rule in my favour and protect my right to say to the French the truth about the situation, notably prayers in the streets but not only that,” Le Pen said.

She added that she “dared to say what all the French people think”. Or at least the 17.9% of them who voted for her in the last presidential election… Globe and Mail

SnowdenSnowden Watch: 2013. No one seems to want to give the 29-year-old hacker a home. Snowden has requested sanctuary from at least 21 countries but so far only Venezuela and Bolivia have responded favourably. India, Brazil, and Poland all rejected him, while Austria, Finland, Ireland, Norway, and Spain said any asylum request had to be made in person and it’s a shame he’s stuck in the Moscow airport. He needs to go somewhere though – the Kremlin said he had withdrawn his application to Russia. Snowden rescinded his request from Russia after President Vladimir Putin said Snowden would have to stop leaking U.S. secrets if he wants to stay. Putin also said “It’s the same as shearing a piglet: there’s a lot of squealing and not much wool.” What? New York Times

China MOther LawAvoiding your mother is illegal in China! A Chinese court has ordered a woman to visit her mother once every two months, in the first case under a new law to protect the elderly. The new law, called the “Elderly Rights Law”, came into effect Monday amid rising concerns that elderly people are being neglected or mistreated by their children. Not only did the court order the woman and her husband to visit the 77-year-old mother, they must also provide financial help. If this makes its way to North America, we’re all doomed. BBC News 

BC BombsHappy belated Canada Day! Yesterday British Columbia police foiled a Canada Day bomb attack.  John Stewart Nuttall and Amanda Marie Korody from Surrey (where else!) have been arrested and accused of plotting to plant a bomb outside the provincial legislature in Victoria on Canada Day. RCMP say the contents of the improvised explosive devices included nuts, bolts, nails, washers and other materials intended to kill or maim people. The two suspects were “inspired by al-Qaeda ideology” but not connected to any international terrorism ring. Just two nuts from Surrey! CBC News

Big Catch MealAnd the winner of the worst meal in America goes to…… Long John Silver’s Big Catch meal! The batter-laden fried fish dish contains 33 grams of trans fat and 3,700 milligrams of sodium. The Center for Science in the Public Interest , who chose the Big Catch as the worst restaurant meal in America, is not a fan of the fast-food chain: “This company is taking perfectly healthy fish — and entombing it in a thick crust of batter and partially hydrogenated oil. The result? A heart attack on a hook.” Raw Story 

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