Liar Liar: Gay Waitress Lied About Anti-Gay Tip (Among Other Things…)

Gay Waitress Tip

A gay waitress from New Jersey sparked national outrage after she accused a couple of leaving an anti-gay note in lieu of a tip. Plot twist: she’s a compulsive liar.

Dayna Morales, a server at Gallop Asian Bistro in Bridgewater, claimed earlier this month that a family of four racked up a $93.55 bill and instead of leaving her a tip, left her a note saying they couldn’t leave any extra money because they “do not agree with your lifestyle.”

After Morales emailed the story to a gay advocacy group and posted a picture of the bill on Facebook, the story made national headlines and prompted people to donate thousands of dollars to the discriminated against waitress.

TipTurns out the whole thing was bullsh*t. The couple accused of stiffing her on the bill produced a copy of their Visa bill showing $111.55 – a nearly 20% tip – and no homophobic note. The wife also claimed that she is left-handed and could not have made the slash in the tip line AND they are both Chris Christie haters because of his stance on gay marriage. If that’s not proof, I don’t know what is!

“We’ve never not left a tip when someone gave good service, and we would never leave a note like that,” the wife, who wishes to remain anonymous, said.

Now, Morales’s frenemies are coming out of the woodwork to reveal her true personality and destroy any credibility she had left.

Other stories Morales has told include:

She was blown up by a land mine overseas and was the sole survivor of the explosion.

FALSE! Morales did serve in the Marines Corps reserve but never served overseas.

Her dad raped her and got her pregnant

FALSE! When people realized she wasn’t actually pregnant she said she had cervical cancer, which spread to the baby, killing it.

A boat tore through her living room during Superstorm Sandy.

FALSE! There was minor carpet damage.

After Morales got caught in her lie, she said she was going to give all the donations she received to the Wounded Warriors’ Project. She wouldn’t lie about that… oh wait.

Anyways, congratulations to Morales for simultaneously sullying the good name of women, the LGBT community, the Marine Corps, and the pristine state of New Jersey …no one likes New Jersey.

Via: Fox News

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