Local Reporter Has Penis On Her Mind

Local Reporter Penis

Siobhan Riley of Michigan’s WJRT-TV Channel 12 was simply trying to explain the traffic congestion within a construction zone of Saginaw. But instead she drew a giant penis.

Technology isn’t always your friend and Siobhan Riley learned that the “hard” way after she used a touchscreen television to report on construction in downtown Saginaw, Michigan. In what was either some kind of Freudian slip, a giant FU to her boss, or confusion about whether or not she was doing a story on Anthony Weiner, Riley scrawled a giant penis on the screen. Or maybe she was trying to convey that anyone driving near the construction zone would be screwed that day.

The Tuesday night clip (seen below) quickly became popular – except among Fox News viewers. They’re too used to seeing giant dicks explaining the news.

Via: Business Insider

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