Madagascar Mob Burns Two Europeans Alive… And Other News

Madagascar Mob

Two Europeans were burned alive on a resort island in Madagascar after being accused of organ trafficking.

Locals found the body of a dead child with its organs removed on the Madagascar island of Nosy Be and things escalated from there. The mob sought out the two Europeans – one French and one possibly Italian – who confessed to the crime while being tortured. The angry mob then took justice into their own hands by burning the suspects alive, but not before rioting and burning down houses surrounding the police station. Wait… this wasn’t in the Madagascar movie….  Reuters

KarenTropical Storm Karen is ready to rock the Gulf Coast like a hurricane. States from Florida to Louisiana are bracing themselves for the storm, which experts are almost 100% certain will turn into a hurricane by Friday. Storm or hurricane, residents can expect heavy rain and that gross worm smell that comes after a heavy rain. Yay hurricane season! CTV News

Chelsea ClintonWhat’s one thing that Hillary Clinton wants more than the 2016 presidency? A grandchild. In an interview with CBC Bill Clinton said, “I would like to have a happy wife and she won’t be unless she’s a grandmother. It’s something she wants more than she wanted to be president.” Luckily Chelsea is on board, telling Glamour magazine that she was going to “make 2014 the Year of the Baby.” Well, if she’s going to have a baby, she might as well get a cat too. Socks Junior?  USA Today

Ok CupidOKCupid is letting you filter out the fatties – but it’ll cost you. The online dating website is now allowing users to filter their prospects by “body type” for a fee of $4.95 to $10 a month (depending on their location). The site offers 10 body-type choices, beginning at thin, and ranging to average, “a little extra,” “full figured,” “overweight” and even “used up.” Used up? Ew. The company’s founder, Sam Yagan says, “The truth about humanity that maybe people don’t want to admit is that an important part of physical and sexual attraction is superficial…. People have strong preferences on body type. We might as well just let them admit that and save everyone some time.” Good point – but outraged critics say the body-type filter is a form of online discrimination (but they’re probably fat…) Today

Wendy DavisFrom filibuster to Governor! Senator Wendy Davis, famous for her 11 hour pro-abortion filibuster back in July, has announced her bid for Texas governor.  In her gubernatorial announcement, she touched upon education and her single-mom background and promised a “better tomorrow for everyone.” Everyone except fetuses… Pro-life groups are already preparing their attack ads against Davis, who is slightly behind her Republican challenger in the polls. Let’s just hope filibusters aren’t becoming a stepping stone to something more – otherwise, Ted Cruz might get some ideas. Fox News

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