Nothing Says ‘I Trust Your Judgement’ Like Making Your Own Backup Immigration Plan. Or does it…?

Obama's Backup Immigration Plan

The White House has come up with a draft proposal for a backup immigration plan in case lawmakers can’t pull together an immigration overhaul of their own.

A draft of the backup immigration plan, obtained by USA Today, would allow illegal immigrants to become legal permanent residents within eight years, provide more security funding, and require business owners to check the immigration status of new hires within four years.

Last month, four Republican senators joined forces with four Democratic senators to hash out a comprehensive immigration proposal. The new Obama-led backup immigration plan is being developed alongside the one being drafted by the ‘gang of eight’ senators. However, White House chief of staff Denis McDonough said Sunday that the president simply wants to “be prepared” in case the group of eight bipartisan senators fails to devise a plan for the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States.

Although the White House insists the focus “remains on the congressional process” and the proposal is simply in case “the bipartisan process gets bogged down and is not able to produce a bill”, Republicans spent the weekend expressing shock and outrage at the leaked proposal. Enter Marco Rubio, fresh off his water bottle fame, who issued a statement saying the plan would be “dead on arrival” and calling it “a mistake” for the White House to draft a plan without consulting with Republicans in Congress.

But does the president actually have little faith in bi-partisan efforts? Or…. is this a genius ploy to guarantee the original Senate plan’s passing?

An Obama-led backup immigration plan could act as a lightening rod of Republican hate, which so far it clearly has. We know Republicans need to gain some Hispanic voters and we know they will never agree with Obama, so this backup plan seems like a great way to kill two birds with one stone. If enough differences can be drawn between the Obama plan and the Senate plan, Republicans can rally around the Senate plan, continuing their hatred for all things Obama while at the same time pushing immigration reform.

Obviously an Obama driven plan is much less likely to make it through the house than a bipartisan one that originated in the Senate. Even Newt thinks so! So putting out a backup immigration plan to deflect Republican criticism may actually work in favour of bipartisanship consensus, thus making immigration reform a stronger possibility.

Ahhh the decoy plan…. well played Mr. President, well played.

Via: NBC News

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