Don’t Mess with the South Korean Border… And Other News

South Korean Border

In Korean news, a man was shot to death after trying to swim from South Korea to North Korea. Wait… wrong direction dude.

Why would anyone try to get into North Korea??? Well, no one will ever know though because the man in question was killed by a rain of bullets fired at him by South Korean soldiers. The soldiers issued him several warnings after he made it past the barbed wire fence and jumped into the water with a Styrofoam float. But the man didn’t listen and several hundred shots were fired. When asked whether this was a reasonable response, Gen. Cho Jong-sul said, “It is a regulation to shoot anyone who does not respond to the command and tries to escape in the controlled area.” Noted. CNN

Pen PalsObama and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani are pen pals! Even though the United States and Iran cut off formal diplomatic ties in 1980 after the whole “Argo” fiasco, that didn’t stop the two buddies from writing letters to each other. Obama apparently sent Rouhani a congratulatory note after his election victory and since then the two presidents have been in direct communication via snail mail. Exchanging letters is all fun and games but chatting in person is where it gets tricky. What if one of them ends up being a 35 year-old pedophile posing as a president? Reuters

Hunter BieberSpeaking of 35 year-old pedophiles, a British man who pretended to be Justin Bieber to fool children into sending him sexually explicit videos was sentenced to 14 years’ imprisonment today. Robert Hunter, 35, was caught after a girl from Tasmania informed police but not before he was able to collect more than 800 videos from boys and girls across Europe, Asia, and Canada (and Tasmania). The pedophile tricked hundreds of Beliebers by claiming to be Bieber and promising to be their boyfriend. Young girls, believing he was the pop star, stripped off in front of their computer cameras in what the judge called “sadistic exploitation”. Hunter clearly has problems and should be locked up for a long time, but if you’re taking your clothes off for a mystery online Justin Bieber, you’ve got problems too. BBC News

FirecrackersBecause Washington DC wasn’t nearly on edge enough yesterday after hearing reports of various Navy Yard gunmen on the loose, a man decided to spice things up a bit more by throwing firecrackers over a fence and onto the White House lawn. The loud pops led some to believe shots were being fired and three uniformed Secret Service officers immediately tackled (then shackled) the culprit, who was incidentally not wearing shoes. The Daily Beast

Terrie HallIf the ads didn’t scare smokers straight, maybe this will. Terrie Hall, the North Carolina woman featured in those disturbing anti-smoking ads, has died at the age of 53 after a long struggle with smoking related cancers. The former smoker, who began the habit in high school, was best known for her graphic public service ads featuring her missing voice box, which had to be removed years ago due to oral and throat cancer. Hall’s first ad showed her putting on a wig, putting in false teeth and covering a hole in her throat with a scarf. That voice is even scarier than the clown terrorizing that English town…. USA Today

Prince HarryHow does one train for a race to the South Pole against super hunk Alexander Skarsgard? By spending the night in a giant -35 Celsius freezer obvs. Prince Harry spent the night in such a freezer to simulate the conditions he will face when he treks to the South Pole in November. The 29-year-old royal, will join a team of four injured Briitsh servicemen and women – all amputees who lost limbs after sustaining injuries in Afghanistan – and will race against groups from the United States and the Commonwealth, including actors Alexander Skarsgard from the True Blood series and Dominic West of The Wire. Hmm. Team with missing limbs vs. this guy? I know who I’ll be rooting for. National Post

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