Oklahomophobic Governor Mary Fallin Cuts Spousal Benefits For All National Guards To Avoid Giving Benefits To Same-Sex Couples

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Proving that she is a mix between a 5-year-old mid-temper tantrum and Scrooge McDuck, Oklahoma governor Mary Fallin has come up with a new plan to deny same-sex military spouses rights by denying all military spouses benefit rights.

Oklahoma may not be the gay-friendliest state, in fact you might as well rename it Oklahomophobic, but Republican Governor Mary Fallin’s decision to stop processing benefits for all National Guard members to prevent gay couples from receiving benefits takes the state’s anti-gay stance to the next level.

In September, Mary Fallin promised to prohibit Oklahoma’s National Guard from providing benefits to married same-sex couples – despite the fact that this directly violated a Pentagon directive and a presidential decree. Apparently no one told the Republican governor that federal mandates trump state laws. According to Fallin’s point of view, Supreme Court decisions, presidential decrees, and direct orders from the Department of Defense mean nothing if Oklahoma doesn’t feel like complying. Yeah – Oklahoma doesn’t need the federal government! Except when all those tornadoes hit and they need some federal assistance…

Anyways, after getting a stern talking-to from the Pentagon, Gov. Mary Fallin did what any temper tantrum prone child would do and cut spousal benefits for the entire Oklahoma National Guard. So essentially, Fallin would rather deny every soldier benefits than grant a few gay ones the rights they have already been federally guaranteed.

As Gov. Mary Fallin puts it:

Oklahoma law is clear. The state of Oklahoma does not recognize same-sex marriages, nor does it confer marriage benefits to same-sex couples. The decision reached today allows the National Guard to obey Oklahoma law without violating federal rules or policies. It protects the integrity of our state constitution and sends a message to the federal government that they cannot simply ignore our laws or the will of the people.

Despite Fallin’s temper tantrum, Oklahoma National Guards – gay or straight – can still obtain spousal benefits – but only at federal facilities in Oklahoma, which could require couples to drive extended distances even when there are state facilities closer by.

If everyone is treated badly, it’s not discrimination, right? It’s terrible and twisted, but not discrimination! Just good old-fashioned narrow-mindedness.

Via: Think Progress

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