Massacre in Syria… And Other News

Syria Village Massacre

More bad news out of Syria.

Dozens of civilians are suspected to have been killed on Thursday after Syrian government forces stormed the coastal village of al-Bayda in northwest Syria. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and Violations Documentation Centre said the number could be in the hundreds and that at least 50 people had been “summarily executed, shot to death, stabbed or set on fire”. Meanwhile, over in the US, President Obama is still mulling over what defines a red line and Chuck Hagel is considering arming the rebelsBBC News

July Fourth AttackThe Boston Marathon bombings could have been a 4th of July attack if the Tsarnaev brothers were a little slower at making bombs. The surviving brother told the FBI that the pair had initially considered setting off an explosion at Boston’s fourth of July celebrations along the Charles river. However, their plans changed when they completed building the pressure-cooker bombs much earlier than expected. The bomb was contructed in the Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s Cambridge, Mass., apartment but his wife continues to deny any knowledge of the attack. The female DNA and fingerprints found on fragments of a bomb found at scene turned out to not match those of Katherine Russell, the widow of he dead suspect. The FBI are not fully convinced. CBS News

Cheese cheese cheeseThe most important story of the day is not the Syrian massacre or possible 4th of July terrorist attacks. The most important story is about cheese! Cheap Canadian cheese! The Canadian Dairy Commission announced this week that they’ve changed the rules used to classify mozzarella cheese, essentially removing it from supply-management pricing. Before the price of mozzarella cheese was artificially high but now it’s cheese for everyone! Because the cheese makes up about 70% of the cost of a pizza, Canadians can now look forward to cheaper pizza! Dairy farmers are also pleased. CBC News

Snow CatWhile California, and more specifically Mel Gibson’s Malibu house, is dealing with monster wildfires, Wisconsin and Minnesota are dealing with a snowstorm. In May. 18 inches of snow fell across parts of Wisconsin and 15 inches in southern Minnesota. Northern states have been known to get the occasional snowfall in May, but the magnitude of this winter storm has residents confused. And cold. Reuters

Meth head Grandma with a gunHow young is too young to be around guns? If you’re asking yourself that question, don’t buy a gun. An Arizona grandmother was arrested on Wednesday and later charged with reckless manslaughter and some drug related charges. The 35-year-old grandma had left her 9mm handgun in a backpack and left it on top of a dryer while helping her daughter pack for a move. She watched her 3-year-old grandson go into the laundry room but didn’t think twice about it. The child then got into the backpack, picked up the gun and shot himself in the face. And to top it off, police also found a meth pipe in her backpack. The most pressing question about the whole incident though is what kind of grandmother is 35!?!? I guess the kind with a backpack full of meth. Raw Story

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