Mayor Rob Ford Appears in a New Non-Crack Related Video

Rob Ford Drunk

Just when you thought Mayor Rob Ford had sufficiently embarrassed Toronto with his crack smoking and lies, a new video has been released showing the mayor extremely intoxicated while making drunken death threats. Oh Mayor Ford….

The Toronto Star obtained exclusive footage of Rob Ford (watch it here), stumbling around drunkenly and yelling about commiting first-degree murder. The context of the clip, which looks like it was secretly filmed on a cell phone, is not clear – nor is the target of Rob Ford’s rage. Nevertheless, there was a lot of rage which seemed to be directed at an unknown person who called Ford and his brothers liars – so it could literally be anyone in Toronto. I certainly hope it’s not me, because Ford vowed to rip out that person’s throat and poke out their eyes. 

“I’m gonna kill that f–king guy. I’m telling you, it’s first-degree murder,” Ford can be heard raging on the clip.

“I’ll rip his f–king throat out. I’ll poke his eyes out. . . . I’ll make sure that motherf–ker’s dead,” the mayor continued.

Once again, Mayor Ford stepped out of his office at city hall to address the media and apologize for another one of his drunken mistakes.

“All I can say is, again, I’ve made mistakes. I just wanted to come out and tell you I saw a video. It’s extremely embarrassing. The whole world’s going to see it. You know what? I don’t have a problem with that.” Ford told reporters.

“I hope none of you have ever or will ever be in that state. Obviously, I was extremely, extremely inebriated.”

Ford is now under increasing pressure from fellow council members to step down and deal with his substance problems. But once again, Ford is refusing to budge – despite being clearly unfit to hold the office of Mayor. Hell, he’s not even fit to hold a job at Tim Horton’s at this point.

Via: The Toronto Star

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