John McCain is Pro-Russian, Anti-Putin. And Other News…

McCain Putin

John McCain is not putin up with Putin anymore!

In response to Russian president Vladimir Putin’s New York Times op-ed last week, McCain  penned his own response in the Russian online newspaper Pravda. McCain calls Putin a corrupt autocrat and goes on a rant about his regime’s crimes against democracy: “They rig your elections. They control your media. They harass, threaten, and banish organizations that defend your right to self-governance.” Ouch. The truth hurts. McCain, however, insists he is not anti-Russian, just anti-Putin. “I am not anti-Russian,” McCain wrote. “I am pro-Russian, more pro-Russian than the regime that misrules you today.” New York Times

NintendoSad news for anyone born in the 80s: Hiroshi Yamauchi, the Japanese man who transformed Nintendo into a world-leading video games company, has died aged 85. Yamauchi ran Nintendo from 1949 until 2002, taking what was once a small collectable trading card company and turning it into… well, Nintendo. Yamauchi died of pneumonia at a hospital in central Japan. Game Over. Restart? BBC News

Grand Theft Auto VSpeaking of video games, Grand Theft Auto V has been killing it lately – both in terms of profit and also in terms of killing multiple digital prostitutes. On its first day on the market, Grand Theft Auto V made a record $800 million in sales worldwide – and that doesn’t even include Japan and Brazil, where the game has yet to launch. The record sales blew past the old record, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, which brought in $500 million in its first 24 hours. Still, neither game has anything on Super Mario Brothers. I miss Nintendo 🙁 CBC News

rick-perryMaryland vs. Texas. In a healthcare / job creation debate with Governor of Maryland Martin O’Malley, Rick Perry equated Obamacare with the Titanic. If he means that Obamacare is the greatest movie EVER made, then that makes perfect sense. Except Obamacare isn’t a movie so it makes no sense. Rick – can you explain? The Texas Governor said that adding people to Medicaid via Obamacare was like “putting tens of thousands on the Titanic knowing how it’s going to turn out.” So… Obamacare will drown everyone no matter what? Well, Obamacare already includes “death panels”, so why not add a few shipwrecks in there too. CNN

Honour KillingHonour killings are still a thing. Sigh… According to Indian police, a man was beheaded and his girlfriend beaten to death in an “honour killing” in northern India after they planned to elope. The couple, who couldn’t marry due to “caste reasons”, fled to New Delhi but were tracked down and brought back to their village in Rohtak district to endure a beating. Except they didn’t quite endure it… they died. The woman’s father, mother, and uncle have been arrested over the murders – sounds like a whole family affair! In 2011, India’s Supreme Court said so-called honour killers should face the death penalty – so we’ll see how this turns out. Bangkok Post

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