McDonald’s Helps Workers Budget by Telling Them to Get a Second Job

McDonald's Money SKills

Minimum wage has become a hot topic as of late but McDonald’s has you covered!

Fear not minimum wage earners! McDonald’s partnered with Visa to launch a website to help its low-wage workers budget. The budget is based on the average minimum wage of $8.25 an hour and includes a sample budget journal.

First, in order to survive off a minimum wage McDonald’s job, you will need a second full-time job. Makes sense, but if McDonald’s need to tell their employees to get a second job in order to survive, they might not be paying them a high enough wage. With two full-time minimum wage jobs you will need to work 74 hours a week to stick to the budget. Luckily you won’t have to worry about entertainment expenses because you won’t have any free time – what with all the working and sleeping.

What else does the budget allow?

Rent: $600 a month. That sounds reasonable if you’re living in a 100sq foot basement apartment in the middle of nowhere.

Health insurance: $20 a month. Bandaids and Nyquil – check!

Heating: $0 a month. Who needs heat when you can just develop a healthy layer of BigMac fat over your body? Keeps you warm and full! Doesn’t really help with the health insurance though….

Monthly “spending money”: $800 a month. This includes gas, food, clothing, childcare, Starbucks runs and everything else. Clearly the low food budget implies McDonald’s workers should just sneak some McNuggets when the manager isn’t looking.

McDonald's Budget

McDonald’s budget conclusion? “You can have almost anything you want as long as you plan ahead and save for it.”

Except for money of course.

Via: Forbes & McDonald’s

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