Men Deported from Saudi Arabia for Being “Too Handsome”

Too Handsome for Saudi Arabia

Three men were forcibly removed from the annual Janadriyah culture festival in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and subsequently kicked out of the country after religious police officers deemed them “too handsome”.

Happens to me allll the time.

The three men, delegates from the United Arab Emirates, were minding their own business when member of the mutaween, the country’s religious police, confronted them. Why? Because the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vices feared they were so sexy that female visitors would find them irresistible and fall for them.

The handsome trio was swiftly deported back to Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia was once again filled with only homely men.

Festival officials were also suspicious of the unexpected presence of an unnamed female artist who was with the group of UAE men.

“Her visit to the UAE stand was a coincidence as it was not included in the programme which we had already provided to the festival’s management,” said UAE delegation head Saeed Al Kaabi in his apology to festival officials.

In the ultraconservative Saudi Arabian society, women are forbidden from interaction with unrelated males. Also on the banned list: driving. And apparently handsome men.

Unfortunately, there are no pictures of the men accused of being too sexy for the country. But I imagine they are really, really, ridiculously good-looking:

Too Handsome - Zoolander

Via: The Telegraph 

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