Mexican Gas Explosion… And Other News

Mexico Gas Explosion

Gas explosion in Mexico is surprisingly not caused by burritos.

19 people are dead and 36 injured after a gas tanker exploded on a highway outside Mexico City. The explosion, which occurred early Tuesday morning, damaged multiple buildings and cars in the area. A giant ball of smoke rose over the highway where the gas tanker collided with another vehicle. Apparently Mexico has a big problem with this type of thing. Mexican trucks, often overloaded or unsafely operated, have been involved in a number of spectacular, deadly accidents in recent years. The construction of improvised homes just feet away from major highways probably doesn’t help the situation either. CTV News

Joe FrancisIt couldn’t have happened to a sleazier guy! Girls Gone Wild creator, Joe Fancis, was convicted by a jury on Monday of false imprisonment and assault of three women. Francis, 40, faces up to five years in prison. Ha! The victims had gone to the Supper Club in Hollywood where they met Francis. Francis allegedly grabbed one of the women and took her to his limo, and her friends followed, believing that Francis would give them a ride to their car. But during the ride, Francis’ bodyguard and driver allegedly produced sheriff’s badges and did not allow the women to get out of the limo. They were then taken to  his house where a physical altercation ensued between Francis and two of the women. After Francis slammed one of their heads on the floor four times, the women were escorted out of the house and allegedly told a taxi would not be called and paid for if they called the police. Looks like he can only legitimately lure women into his house with the promise of a free GGW T-shirt. Los Angeles Times

Geoffrey-Portway-1873818Britons are trying to eat US children! Or at least one is. Briton Geoffrey Portway has admitted to plotting to kidnap, rape, kill and eat an American child. Creepy. The 40-year-old British man, who is currently living in Massachusetts, has pleaded guilty and now faces deportation and 18 to 27 years in prison. In a raid last year, agents found the basement of Portway’s home equipped with a steel cage and a child-sized coffin. Even creepier. But Portway made a crucial mistake – revealing his creepiness on the internet! The pedophile spent months discussing his plan online with an American man. The two poured over photos of real children, deciding which one was best to mutilate. Not sure if 18 years is going to be long enough… BBC News

DR Congo & PreggersThe Democratic Republic of the Congo is the worst place for mothers. Come to think of it, it’s probably the worst place for people in general. A new study released by Save the Children reports that the war and poverty in DR Congo have left mother malnourished and unsupported, making it the toughest place to raise children. The study used factors such as maternal health, child mortality, education and income to compare 176 countries. Finalnd was declared the winner, followed by Sweden and Norway. The bottom 10 were all sub-Saharan African countries where at least one woman in 30 dies from pregnancy related causes. BBC News

Farrah Does PeenMove over Kim Kardashian and Ray J! Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has a new porno out and it has already outsold the video of Kim getting a golden Ray J shower. Farrah and porn star James Deen’s backdoor romp amassed 2 million viewers in 12 hours after it debuted last night. Kim and Ray J only got 600,000 views in that time frame. But to be fair, Kim’s was a grainy homemade sex tape. Farrah’s is a well-lit, edited video made with a professional porn star – which can be seen here in clip form (NSFW – unless you’re hoping to get fired…) Farrah TwitterHowever, the teen mom still thinks she can convince people it was a private sex tape that she just happened to sell to Vivid Entertainment for $1 million. The New York Post

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