There Are Two People Not Happy About Michael Sam Coming Out: His Dad and Rush Limbaugh


When NFL prospect Michael Sam came out of the closet, he was greeted with hearty congratulations from NFL executives, celebrities, pundits, and even the president. But there are at least two people who are still grumbling over his public proclamation of gayness: Michael Sam Sr. and Rush Limbaugh.

Michael Sam, who if drafted would become the first openly gay active player in the NFL, has received a lot of support over the past year from his teammates and more recently, the public. But winning over his dad is proving to be more difficult.

Last Tuesday, Sam texted his father, Michael Sam Sr., while he was celebrating his birthday at a local Denny’s with the message “Dad. I’m gay.”

The message hit Sam Sr. so hard he couldn’t even finish his meal.

 “I couldn’t eat no more, so I went to Applebee’s to have drinks. I don’t want my grandkids raised in that kind of environment. I’m old school, I’m a man-and-a-woman type of guy,” Sam Sr. said.

I don’t know what’s sadder, a father not accepting his son or celebrating your birthday at Denny’s.

Rush Limbaugh is equally “old school” (read: bigoted) when it comes to Michael Sam’s sexuality. Apparently being the first openly gay college football player is an assault on heterosexuals

Speaking on his radio show on Tuesday, Rush responded to Sam’s coming out by saying:

“Heterosexuality has no political agenda and there is no agenda attached to it. Heterosexuality does not have activists.”

“Heterosexuality may be 95, 98 percent of the population. They’re under assault by the 2 to 5 percent that are homosexual.”

Rush then turned his rage on people who support Michael Sam’s decision while also criticizing football for causing brain damage among its players – including President Barack Obama who has said he would not let a son of his play due to the risk of injury.

“Why is it OK now for a gay man to play football? I thought last week it was stupid to play? Now all of a sudden it’s courageous?” Limbaugh said. “Why is it courageous? Well, because he’s gay. All right. Well, what’s the courage? Where is the courage? Why does being gay make him courageous in entering the NFL?”

I don’t know, but Rush must know what he’s talking about – after all, he’s certainly no stranger to brain damage and after four marriages he must know a thing or two about the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman. 

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