Forget the Inauguration Speech, Michelle Obama Got Bangs!

michelle obama

On Monday, Obama used his second inaugural address to defend the “takers” and America’s social safety net, climate change and gay rights in a speech marked by a number of uplifting generalities but few specific policy visions. But forget that! Michelle Obama debuted a new hairdo!!

Beginning with her husband’s first presidential campaign in 2008, experts and journalists with 24 hour time slots to fill have weighed in on every beauty and fashion decision she has made. While appearance has had its place in every first lady’s public life, it seems the media has upped the ante with Michelle Obama. Maybe that’s just what happens when you don’t look like Barbara Bush?

Anyways… when Michelle revealed a new hairdo on Twitter days before the inauguration, the social-media world went nuts! Her signature sleek bob with a side part had been replaced with a more structured cut complete with blunt, eye-framing bangs. Fair enough, but when major news sites start proclaiming this at breaking news (I’m looking at you Fox News), you have to wonder if they’ve just got too much time to fill and not enough news to fill it.

Now forget the hair for a moment – Michelle Obama wore… wait for it…. a SECOND Jason Wu dress. As everyone remembers (how could you forget?), the first lady wore a one-shoulder Jason Wu gown to the 2009 inaugural balls.  And now she’s done it again by choosing a second, vibrant red Jason Wu gown for the second round of inaugural balls. Now, that’s breaking news, right CNN?

Via: The Daily Beast

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