Mississippi Ends Conjugal Prison Visits… And Other News

Conjugal Visit

If your dream is to bang one of Mississippi’s 22,000 prisoners, you’d better get busy because the state will be ending their conjugal visit program starting February 1.

State Representative Richard Bennett (R) threatened to reintroduce a bill that would end the conjugal visits for good, but state Department of Corrections Commissioner Christopher Epps beat him to the punch and shut the program down on his own accord. Citing cost of cleanup and other expenses as well as unexpected pregnancies, the two deemed that the conjugal program must end. It will be a lonely Valentine’s Day in the Mississippi prison circuit, but Bennett thinks it’s for the best.

“I don’t think it’s fair to the children conceived and to the taxpayers. You are in prison for a reason, and conjugal visits should not be part of that deal,” Bennett said.

Mississippi was the first state to introduce these special visits, also referred to as “extended family visits” and is among the six remaining states that still allow prisoners private time with their families and significant others. Legally married inmates with immaculate prison records within a year of their release are allowed one hour for a conjugal visit in a private area. They are issued soap, tissues, sheets, pillowcases and condoms. Until February 1. Then they’re just issued some tissues in a public area. Fox News

OctomomLouie Gohmert was right! Welfare fraud does exist among single moms! Nadya Suleman, best only known as Octomom, has been charged with welfare fraud for failing to report nearly $30,000 in income while still applying for public assistance. Octomom, who has six other children in addition to the octuplets, filed for public assistance last January without disclosing her income for personal appearances and residual fees for videos. I guess she used up all the porn money to pay for her latest stint in rehab. If convicted, she could serve up to five years and eight months in custody. USA Today

16 and PreggoIf only 16 & Pregnant was around when Octomom was growing up… According to a new report, the MTV show about teen moms and white trash is providing a valuable pubic service. The study shows that the reality series scared teens into closing their legs and stocking up on birth control. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, the show may have prevented 20,000 births to teenage mothers in 2010, reducing the teenage birthrate by almost 6 percent. Does no one want to become like Jenelle and Amber? Despite the research, conservative groups are not convinced, arguing that MTV glamorizes teenage motherhood. Maybe so, but if there’s one adjective to describe backdoor teen mom Farrah, I don’t think it would be glamorous. New York Times

Mad Dog CARThings are not going well in the Central African Republic… Days after Michel Djotodia, the interim president of CAR and first Muslim leader, quit after everyone blamed him for the continuing sectarian violence, Ouandja Magliore, a member of a Christian gang, made a startling confession: he killed a Muslim man and then ate his leg as revenge. Magliore, the self-proclaimed “Mad Dog” of the Central African Republic, said he ate another man’s flesh to avenge a Muslim gang’s alleged killing of his pregnant wife, sister-in law, and her baby. Magloire and a mob of about 20 youths identified as Christians dragged a Muslim man out of a bus seat, beat him, stabbed him, set him on fire and dragged his charred, dismembered body through the dirt streets of Bangui. Video footage shows Magliore chewing on the man’s leg. I guess Djotodia’s resignation isn’t doing much to curb the sectarian violence… BBC News

Gay NigeriaUganda isn’t the only African country with a gay vendetta. Weeks after the Ugandan Parliament passed a bill that would put any person alleged to be homosexual in prison (possibly for life), Nigeria jumped aboard the “Jail the Gays” wagon and passed their own law that criminalizes same-sex marriages and membership to gay rights organizations. Dozens of gay men are reported to have already been arrested across northern Nigeria as police begin to enforce the new law that was officially signed yesterday. Authorities have a list of 168 allegedly gay men and have already arrested 38 of them. Only 130 to go! Human rights groups are appalled but President Goodluck Jonathan’s spokesman said, “This is a law that is in line with the people’s cultural and religious inclination. It is a law that is a reflection of the beliefs and orientation of Nigerian people. Nigerians are pleased with it.” Well, good luck controlling your HIV epidemic President Goodluck. The Guardian

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