Missouri Mayor Resigns After Anti-Semitic Comments

Anti-Semitic Dan Clevenger

The anti-Semitic mayor of Marionville, Missouri, who “kind of agreed” with the white supremacist accused of killing three people at a Jewish community center, resigned Monday night after the city council voted to begin impeachment proceedings against him.

Mayor Ex-Mayor Dan Clevenger beat the city council to the punch and resigned from office  following outrage over his anti-Semitic comments in support of Frazier Glenn Miller, the former Klansman who went on a Jew killing spree in Kansas City last week.

Clevenger called Miller a friend and said he “kind of agreed with him” on some issues – mainly that Jews are ruining the country. Probably not the best idea to call a racist serial killer your friend, but go on…

“He was always nice and friendly and respectful of elder people, you know, he respected his elders greatly. As long as they were the same color as him,” Clevenger said of the 73-year-old killer.

“Kind of agreed with him on some things but, I don’t like to express that too much.”

Keep going…

“There some things that are going on in this country that are destroying us,” Clevenger told reporters last week. “We’ve got a false economy, and it’s some of those corporations are run by Jews because the names are there. The fact that the Federal Reserve prints up phony money and freely hands it out, I think that’s completely wrong. The people that run the Federal Reserve, they’re Jewish.”

And Clevenger’s views aren’t anything new. Nearly a decade ago, the Marionville mayor wrote a letter to the editor of the Aurora Advertiser.

I am a friend of Frazier Miller helping to spread his warnings,” wrote Clevenger. “The Jew-run medical industry has succeeded in destroying the United State’s workforce.”

“Made a few Jews rich by killin’ us off,” he continued, adding that the “Jew-run government backed banking industry turned the U.S into the world’s largest debtor nation.”

Well the bad news (for Clevenger) is that the residents of Marionville don’t want a raging anti-Semite for a mayor (anymore), but the good news is that he can move to the small Spanish town of Castrillo Matajudios – which means Castrillo Kill Jews in English.  Clevenger has until May 25 to bask in small town Spanish anti-semitism. On May 25 the town’s 56 residents will vote on whether to change the name of the town to something a little more appropriate. But even if the vote passes, if the town is JUST NOW considering a name change, I have a feeling Dan Clevenger will fit in nicely.

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