Turns Out Mitt Romney Didn’t Even Want to Run for President

Mitt Romney

According to a new book Collision 2012, by Washington Post reporter Dan Balz, Mitt Romney didn’t even want to run for president – he only did it because all the other Republican candidates were so terrible.

According to Balz, Romney and his family took a vote to decide if he would run—and he voted no. While vacationing in Hawaii (obviously), twelve Romney family members took a poll. Ten out of twelve voted no for President Romney – including Romney himself. The only yes votes were from Ann Romney and Tagg Romney.Collision 2012

But democracy lost that day in Hawaii and despite Romney’s concerns about not being able to win the primaries, he would go on to run. According to the Romney fam, he had to – no one else was up to snuff!

“Even up until the day before he made the announcement, he was looking for excuses to get out of it. If there had been someone who he thought would have made a better president than he, he would gladly have stepped aside,” Tagg said.

“I didn’t think that any one of them had a good chance of defeating the president,” Mitt Romney told Balz, “and in some cases I thought that they lacked the experience and perspective necessary to do what was essential to get the country on track.”

Right… everyone’s a hero in retrospect. But to be fair – as the primaries dragged on, the Republican candidate pool was looking pretty rough (Rick Santorum, anyone?). But to be even fairer, Mitt Romney began raising money for his campaign far in advance – back when strong candidates like Jon Huntsman and Tim Pawlenty had indicated their intention to run.

At the end of the day it was a win-win situation. Mitt Romney didn’t want to be president and the voters didn’t want him to be president  – everybody wins!! Except Ann Romney – she really wanted to be First Lady.

And at the very least, Romney’s unsuccessful presidential bid brought us this and we should be forever thankful:

Via: The Huffington Post

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