Montreal Mayor Michael Applebaum Gives Rob Ford a Run for his Money


Proving Toronto isn’t the only Canadian city with an embarrassing mayor, Montreal mayor Michael Applebaum has been arrested by Quebec’s anti-corruption unit on fraud charges.

Montreal Mayor Michael Applebaum faces 14 criminal charges, including fraud against the government, breach of trust, conspiracy and municipal corruption. Looks like Rob Ford has new competition for the title of Canada’s worst mayor! But does Mayor Applebaum smoke crack with Somali drug dealers? Not yet.

Mayor Applebaum began his term as interim mayor back in November vowing to combat corruption at City Hall after former Montreal mayor Gerard Tremblay resigned amid corruption allegations. Then in May, anti-corruption police raided city hall and the offices of the Cote-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grace borough, where Mayor Applebaum once represented.

The charges against him stem from alleged acts before he became city mayor, during the years when he served as borough mayor, 2006-2011. Although details are scarce, the charges relate to obtaining permission and political support for two real estate projects in the NDG area.

“The corruption and collusion will no longer be tolerated,” Robert Lafreniere, head of the anti-corruption unit, told reporters. “No-one is above the law.

Mayor Applebaum is Montreal’s first Anglophone mayor in 100 years. Something tells me they won’t be electing another one for at least 100 more.

Via: CBC News

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