Greeting Card will Blow Your Brains Out

Muslim Greeting Card

Nothing says Happy Birthday like a Muslim suicide bomber doll greeting card!

Members of Chicago’s Muslim community are unimpressed with a parody greeting card featuring a suicide bomber doll.

The card, which features such fun phrases like “Pull string for message, if you dare” and “She’ll blow your brains out,” was brought to the attention of the Chicago chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) after a Muslim woman saw it in a local stationary store. The card is based on an actual toy called “Aamina, the Muslim Doll”, which teaches kids religious greetings and sayings in Arabic. Sounds like a fun toy…

CAIR urged their supporters to pick up the phone and complain to the card company for making light of radical Islamic terrorism.

“Contact the makers of the greetings card and let them know that you do NOT think that stereotyping Muslim women and girls is OK. Ask them if they would get a chuckle out of their daughters growing up exposed to messaging that criminalizes their basic identity for profit,” CAIR wrote in its email.

‘The notion that a doll, that looks like any other doll that any little girl in the world would play with, can be presented as a terrorist doll simply and only because it is a “Muslim” doll or because it has a “Muslim scarf” on its head is not what defines “funny” for a lot of people, but bigoted, ugly, idiotic, moronic, etc.’

The New Jersey-based card maker, Noble Works, makes it clear on their website that they seek to impart “a sick, provocative, and sometimes controversial spin” to politics, religion, and current events. In fact, their motto is “F*ck ’em if they can’t take a joke!”

0845-baracolli-funny-political-happy-birthday-cardOther cards from Noble Works include a series of “F*ck Cancer” cards and a mix of political and politically incorrect cards. They even have cards about broccoli ——–>

Based on their selection (and their lovely motto), I’m pretty sure Noble Works thinks the whole Muslim terrorist doll greeting card is being blown way out of proportion. In fact, the whole uproar is probably making them want to blow their brains out.

Via: The Daily Caller 

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