Naked Man Gets Stuck in Washing Machine … And Other News

Cat Washing Machine

For once it didn’t happen in Florida! Police in Australia had to rescue a naked man who somehow got himself trapped in a washing machine.

The 20-year-old man from Mooropna, north of Melbourne, got stuck in the washing machine while playing a game of hide-and-seek. Why he decided to play the game naked, nobody knows… But what we do know is that it took rescuers 20 minutes to dislodge him and a bucketload of olive oil to act as lubricant. Sergeant Michelle De Araugo said “it was just a game gone wrong. It would be fair to say the gentleman was very embarrassed.” Yes, that would be fair to say. Sadly, this isn’t the only washing machine/hide-and-seek related incident this week. An 11 year-old girl from Utah also became trapped in a washing machine while playing a competitive game of hide-and-seek. After covering her in butter and then peanut butter, the girl’s mom finally called the fire department to rescue her. BBC News

fallujah_iraq_unrest_afp_360x270There’s trouble brewing in Iraq, but it’s not America’s problem – any more… While Iraq was busy dealing with a flare up in ethnic fighting, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry announced on Sunday that the U.S. will not send troops back to Iraq. Instead he is confident the Iraqi government and tribes could together fight al Qaeda: “This is a fight that belongs to the Iraqis. We will help them in their fight, but this fight, in the end, they will have to win and I am confident they can.” Kerry said while on a trip to Israel. Meanwhile the cities of Fallujah and Ramadi have now fallen to al Qaeda and a bombing in Baghdad left 14 people dead. But don’t worry, John Kerry is confident they can work it out. Washington Post

Arpaio and SeagalFirst Clay Aiken, now Steven Seagal. After collaborating on a reality TV show with Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the action movie star is contemplating a run for the governor of Arizona. Seagal announced his consideration while promoting his newly released reality series “Steven Seagal – Lawman: Maricopa County.” The show, filmed in Arizona, follows Seagal as he joins Joe Arpaio’s posse, made up of 3,000 unpaid civilians who are determined to keep the Mexicans out of America. Seagal said he wants to enhance border security, and his budding friendship with Arapio has only enhanced that belief. As for allegations that Sheriff Joe Arapio is a full blown racist, Seagal says “When somebody asks if Joe Arpaio’s a racist, I’m not going to say I don’t think so. I’m going to say I know he’s not a racist.” Minus all the racial profiling of course. ABC

newyorkTaking a cue from the Stoner State, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has decided to lighten up a little on its marijuana policy. While it’s not yet at Colorado levels, New York plans to allow medicinal marijuana use, becoming the 21st state to do so. Under the new plan, it will still be illegal to grow marijuana in New York but a limited number of hospitals will be able to dispense marijuana for certain ailments such as cancer and glaucoma. This plan sounds a lot stricter than California’s medicinal marijuana criteria. In California, people suffering from mild backaches can get prescriptions for the drug. Meanwhile, Washington state is expected to allow the sale of pot later on in 2014. CBS News

Liz Cheney QuitsLiz Cheney calls it quits! Former Vice President Dick Cheney’s daughter Liz announced on Sunday that she is ending her primary challenge to Republican Sen. Mike Enzi of Wyoming due to “serious health issues” in her family. Did her father shoot someone in the face again? Perhaps, but Liz Cheney did not go into any details. But even though she’s dropping out of the race after raising more than $1 million, Cheney says that “though this campaign stops today, my commitment to keep fighting with you and your families for the fundamental values that have made this nation and Wyoming great will never stop.” Or maybe she finally looked at the numbers and realized her opponent has maintained a sizeable lead throughout the campaign and she should just cut her losses. Either way, I’m sure Mary Cheney and her wife are happy about the news. New York Times

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