New Zealand is Cracking Down on Bizarre Baby Names

Baby Names

The country’s Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages has had enough with crazy New Zealanders and their crazy baby names.

On Wednesday New Zealand officials released their growing list of banned baby names in an effort to stops parents from trying to give their children bizarre and embarrassing names.

The New Zealand government must approve any name a parent wants to bestow upon their child. The criteria for acceptable names is they must not cause offense to a reasonable person, not be unreasonably long and should not resemble an official title and rank.

Some of the unique names that were rejected include: 4Real, Mafia No Fear, and Anal. Some parents decided to forgo the alphabet altogether and just name their offspring “.” or “*”. In other cases, parents got so lazy they wanted to give their children numbers: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. Someone should suggest that to the Duggars – it would be a great time saver.

These were all one off cases, but there were also some repeat rejections. Apparently, New Zealanders have a thing for implying their children hold royal titles.

New Zealand’s Top 12 Most Commonly Rejected Names:

  • Justice – 62 
  • King – 31
  • Princess – 28
  • Prince – 27
  • Royal – 25
  • Duke – 10
  • Major – 9
  • Bishop – 9
  • Majesty – 7
  • 1J – 6
  • Lucifer – 6
  • Use of brackets around middle names – 4 (Please let “use of brackets around middle name” be the actual name)

New Zealand didn’t always used to be so uptight about baby names. In 2008, Number 16 Bus Shelter managed to make its way through. And before that, Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii was approved. Although, the girl was later made a ward of the court so she could change the name that traumatized her….

Rejecting unusual baby names is not exclusive to New Zealand. Other countries such as Germany, Sweden, China and Japan also restrict names. Germany nixed Osama bin Laden and Sweden said no to Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116.

But no country is as anal as Iceland when it comes to baby names. Iceland has a list of 1,853 female names and 1,712 male ones. Parents must pick from these lists or seek permission from a special committee. And traditionally masculine names can’t be given to females – just ask the 15-year-old girl who fought in court for the government to recognize her name as Blaer.

Don’t worry – in North America things are much more relaxed. American parents can pretty much name their child anything. Just ask Vagina, Mustard M Mustard, and Lettuce. If they haven’t been beaten to death on the playground yet…

Via: CNN

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