Young Newlywed Couple Fulfills Their Dream of Killing Someone Together

Newlywed Thrill Kill

Newlywed couple Elytte and Miranda Barbour used Craigslist to lure a man to his death “because they wanted to kill someone together.” Awww, young love.

The newlywed couple has been charged in the murder of Troy LaFerrara, 42, whose body was found in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, on Nov. 20.

Elytte, 22, and Miranda, 18, had planned on killing someone before they were married, but their attmepts never really worked out until Troy LaFerrara came along, responding to an ad for “companionship” they placed last month. Miranda, who regularly hired herself out as a “companion” for men (her husband insists she is NOT a prostitute though – they simply engage in “delightful conversation”), allegedly lured LaFerrara into her car via Craigslist. Elytte, who was hiding in the backseat, then proceeded to strangle LaFerrara with a belt as Miranda stabbed him more than 20 times.

And how does a white trash newlywed couple celebrate a killing? By going to a Harrisburg strip club of course! But not before making a quick stop at Walmart for cleaning supplies. And for dessert? They returned to the scene of the crime later that night (an alley where they dumped the body) to watch the police gather evidence. Clearly they have never seen an episode of CSI, Criminal Minds – or any other crime show – because that is the definition of a rookie move.

The couple, who had only been married for two weeks at the time of the crime, originally denied everything to the cops. Then they used the self-defense excuse. Then, after police had poked ten thousand holes in their story, the lovers confessed to the murder.

You know what they say, the couple that kills together, stays together! Minus the staying together part – something tells me they won’t be sharing a prison cell.

Via: CNN

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