Nigeria’s Fashion Police Launch a Crackdown

Crackdown in Kano

Police who enforce Islamic law in Nigeria’s northern city of Kano have launched a immorality crackdown, arresting 150 people this past week for dressing indecently.

What makes someone a candidate for What Not to Wear in the eyes of Nigeria’s fashion police? Many things!  Police picked up people who sported hairstyles inspired by football players, while others were thrown in jail for wearing their pants too low on their waists. What sluts!

The Kano crackdown is in response to state Governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso’s recent order to cleanse the city of immoral practices.

“We have arrested 150 men and women in the past week, including prostitutes and their boyfriends, transvestites, alcoholics and those engaged in indecent dressing in contravention of the sharia legal code,” Mohammed Yusuf Yola, the spokesman for Kano’s sharia police, or Hisbah, told AFP.

“Those arrested include Muslims and non-Muslims and we treat them equally because this is about morality,” he said.

The crackdown is expected to last a few more weeks, so northern Nigerians should either pull up their pants or pony up the $63 fine to be released from jail. As for those who cannot afford the hefty fine (by Nigerian standards), well, they’ll just have to stay in jail…. possibly forever.

Via: AFP

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